Sundown quality is a great source of pride for the organisation. The quality enables the organisation to sell and distribute with the assurance that product returns will not interfere with strong retail and wholesale relationships that Sundown values so highly.

With such a large range of product, Sundown places great importance on achieving the greatest quality performance in relation to furniture stains, finish, vinyl, leather and fabric upholstery, veneers, and furniture assembly and durability.

At all stages in the production process, quality is assessed for individual products and only those products that meet the Sundown’s strict performance criteria are able to be stained, finished and branded with the Sundown label and warranty.

The attention to quality spans the whole production chain, from choice of veneers, use of quality MDF materials, glues, fixtures, assembly etc. After production, the attention to quality continues. Packaging materials and systems are developed to ensure that each furniture piece arrives at its destination in the same state as it left the production line.

Contractors used by Sundown are aware of the quality culture at Sundown. They are skilled in handling and distributing products, and they will not deliver damaged products. The tracking of products and their delivery time is also monitored and considered part of the quality management system.

When you purchase from Sundown, you are buying great, well-designed furniture that will meet consistent quality standards on a continual basis. You are assured of value for money.